Aug 25, 2013

CINEMANIA: Has Ben Affleck been sent in to kill off Batman?

Has Ben Affleck been sent in to kill off Batman? 

Idea for a superhero movie: America needs rescuing from its superheroes. In a world where the public is menaced by will-this-do superhero movies, one man must save them by torpedoing the entire genre. Ben Affleck stars.
And so to news that the Gigli actor/Oscar-winning Argo director has been cast as Batman for director Zack Snyder's upcoming Superman-Batman mash-up, which has been met with a mostly outraged reaction. Within a few hours, a petition against Warner Bros was doing the rounds of the internet – and if that doesn't confirm how lame the fight between good and evil has become, then nothing does. "Sock!" "Pow!" "Electronic signature!"
Look, don't get me wrong about Affleck: he seems like a nice guy, and I was made up for him over that business with the Iranian hostage movie and the beardy Oscar and whatnot, even if best picture is an award also recently bestowed upon the likes of Crash and The Hurt Locker (huzzah for movies which dispense with yesteryear concepts like "stories" and "characters anyone could give a toss about"). But before Argo, Affleck had pretty much had to retire from being a frontline movie star because he almost without exception ensured any movie's eternal epithet would be "the Ben Affleck shocker — ". As far as summoning horrible reviews and hysterical giggles, well, Affleck was like the bat-signal.
Bizarrely, though, the smelling salts were still being called for when news of his emBatment broke on Thursday night, as though the hire is some sort of aberration in the evolution of the American superhero movie, when in fact it is entirely of a piece with the direction of a genre which could really use a transformational event. Maybe it could be unbitten by a spider, or something.
One major problem, unfortunately, is that the US government has stolen all the superheroes' clothes. Not their literal clothes – the dress code of the White House situation room is still not believed to stipulate capes and pants worn on top of tights. But it has stolen their ideological garments. The American government now openly acts like a superhero. Historically, the thing about superheroes is that they're secretive and extrajudicial – they are vigilantes, who know you can't trust government, and they dispense swift justice outside the parameters of ordinary law enforcement. (They're always rightwing, obviously.) But these days, even the government appears not to trust the mechanics of the state, given its reliance on extrajudicial solutions – so you have to think superheroes have ceded their natural territory to the very establishment whose failings were supposed to have made them a necessity. "Special powers" are no longer things like the ability to fly or shoot projectile webs from your finger – they have become a questionably legal euphemism for the most sinister abuses of the president. Quick, to the Dronemobile! Actually, don't worry: this baby drives itself.
As for where the superhero community goes from here, it's a tough one. Maybe they'll go for the straight role reversal with government, and the plot of Superman/Batman will see the pair put their corrosive partisan bickering behind them, and work together within the apparatus of the state to secure a better America, by small and sensible legislative increments. Say what you like, but I bet even that wouldn't be as unwatchable as Iron Man 2.
And that's the thing: have all those people so surprised and bewildered by the Affleck casting even been to the cinema lately? This is a movie culture that can't even tell the Spider-Man story in less than 136 minutes any more. Its superpower is exhausting audiences into submission. As for Batman's last outing in The Dark Knight Rises, I couldn't have been more excited to see that one on the day it opened last summer, and I couldn't have been more relieved to walk out of it after an hour and 45 minutes, still without the faintest clue what the villain wanted. I understand there was a full hour of the opus left to run, and that – spoiler coming right on up – it eventually falls to Catwoman to dispatch the baddie Bane. You know, I don't mean to be a stickler, but I don't go to the movies to watch Batman's girlfriend have to kill his enemies. In fact, I struggle to think of something more emasculating for Batman than that – and that's before you consider that Catwoman apparently does it for him with a big, phallic rocket.
Honestly, who watches these watchmen? Gazillions, is the somewhat sobering answer – not that a strong box office should insulate the genre against people being allowed to wonder what it's doing with its life.
Maybe instead of being assembled in different formations – such as the Marvel Avengers, or Superman and Batman – American superheroes could benefit from a sort of cultural exchange programme. For my money, Batman should be teamed up with the Burka Avenger. Are you all over the Burka Avenger? She's the fictional superhero who has swooped to popularity in Pakistan. By day, she's a schoolteacher; by night, she's a hijab-masked warrior fighting oppression and extremists who bar girls from seeking education.
Surely Batman's best hope currently is to act as a sort of jaded, post-imperial mentor for this genuinely exciting and subversive figure? Otherwise I can't help feeling that it's only a matter of time before she or her immediate cultural descendants kick his proverbial ass

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Aug 17, 2013

Mobile Monopoly 2 Review

Mobile Monopoly 2 Review
The highly anticipated Mobile Monopoly 2 is finally ready. It will be available this coming Tuesday August 28, 2012.
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A Demand for Mobile Marketing
With mobile marketing on the rise right now, the demand for mobile presence is skyrocketing. If you haven’t capitalized on this craze, you’re missing out on a boat load of money.
What is Mobile Monopoly 2.0
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Getting Started
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10 Questions to Ask When Managing Company's Online Reputation

10 Questions to Ask When Managing Company's Online Reputation

Have you Googled your company lately? If not, you probably should. What people are saying online about your brand -- the good, the bad and the oftentimes inaccurate -- makes all the difference when it comes to winning or losing customers, says Michael Fertik, founder and chief executive of Redwood City, Calif.-based online reputation management agency and co-author of Wild West 2.0: How to Protect and Restore Your Reputation on the Untamed Social Frontier (AMACOM, 2010).

1. How can I find out what people are saying about my brand online?
Start by simply searching for your company's name -- and the names of your products and services -- on Google, Yahoo and Bing, and see what types of information come up. Search using the exact title of your business, along with common misspellings of it. You'll also want to run an image search using your company's name.
2. Can I be notified when my company is mentioned online? 
Thankfully, yes. All you have to do is create a Google Alert. They are free, real-time email alerts that are automatically sent to your email address when mentions about your company occur online. You can easily set up multiple keyword-based alerts to notify you when relevant new web content is published about your products, services and events and those of your competitors.
3. How does my company's online reputation stack up to my competitors'? 
Fertik says it's just as crucial to monitor your competitors' online reputations as it is to stay on top of your own.
"Pay close attention to what people say your competitors are doing right that you might not be doing right," he says, "and what they are doing wrong that you are doing right." The idea is to use what you learn about your competitors online to fill any service gaps and gain a competitive edge.
4. Does my company website represent my business in the best possible way? 
Your company's own website is your first line of defense when it comes to your online reputation, Zammuto says. Does it contain compelling brand messaging that clearly demonstrates what your company services or sells?
5. How can I monitor what people are saying about my business via social media? 
If you have your own company Facebook page or Twitter account, log into each platform daily to track customer questions and comments and respond to them individually in a timely manner, Zammuto advises.
There are several fee-based social media management tools that you can use if you don't have the time to monitor and respond to individual social comments and interactions about your brand. These include's Radian6, Vocus's Buying Signals and HootSuite.
6. Should I really care what people say about my company on review sites? 
"Word-of-review is now more powerful than word-of-mouth," Fertik says, so it's critical to analyze and understand what people are saying about your company on review sites that are relevant to your specific line of business.
For example, if you own a hotel, you'll want to search for reviews and ratings of your establishment on sites like TripAdvisor and If people are complaining on these types of sites about the cleanliness of your rooms, view it as an opportunity to swiftly respond with appropriate, corrective action and to update your brand's own website messaging to reflect your improved housekeeping standards, suggests Fertik.
7. What types of positive web content can I create to offset negative content? 
Zammuto suggests that you create several different unique types of web content that highlight your products and services, including a company blog and a YouTube channel, for starters.
Building up interesting and relevant web content about your company can increase the likelihood of favorable links appearing on the first page of Google search results. The basic concept, Zammuto says, is to produce enough positive search results to minimize any negative ones beleaguering your brand. Suppress the bad, pump up the good.
8. Should I be concerned about my personal online reputation, too? 
Yes, especially if you are the product itself, says Fertik. For example, if you are a doctor or an attorney, you'll want to be sure that when people search for your name online they encounter web content about you that is nothing less than favorable. This includes comments, images and videos that you post on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and on your personal blog. Your personal online persona and image should be "consistent with your profession enough to boost consumer confidence," Fertik says.
9. Should I respond to negative reviews? 
Both Fertik and Zammuto advise that you don't waste time responding to excessively negative or attacking comments on review sites like Yelp.
10. What are some reliable online reputation management tools? 
For business owners on a shoestring budget, there are a handful of free, but basic tools to choose from. Addict-o-matic is one such free tool that delivers the latest online mentions about any topic or name you look up, including mentions on Wordpress blogs, YouTube videos, Flickr images, news and more.
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Gmail's Promotions Tab Didn't Just Kill Email Marketing

Gmail's Promotions Tab Didn't Just Kill Email Marketing

Did Gmail just kill email marketing?
Short answer: No.
Longer answer: It's way too early to tell.
Even longer answer: Keep reading.
There's been a lot of chatter online ever since Google unveiled it's new "social," "promotions" and updates tabs for Gmail earlier this summer. Especially about the promotions tab. Emails that people often receive from businesses -- like promotions and special offers -- are now being filtered into the tab, which is separate from a user's primary email stream. 
Marketers Crying Foul
Since then, the web has errupted with marketers crying foul. In an amount of several hours, for instance, I've received about a half dozen emails -- from newsletters that I've subscribed to -- providing instructions on how to ensure their emails land in my "primary" tab. Some of those emails are referencing this "How to Disable Gmail Tabs" video from Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner. Others are just providing some steps to "deal" with Gmail's new tabbed inbox.
Of the change, Derek Halpern of Social Triggers wrote: "In a lot of cases, Gmail labels content-filled emails as 'Promotions.' That means, if you send content to your list (like I do), your content will be featured alongside spammy Promotional emails. Not only does this negatively affect your brand, but it also puts people are at risk of NOT getting your emails. The emails they signed up for. The emails they WANT."
Don't Panic. Take A Deep Breath
If you are legitimately worried about the recent Gmail changes, here is what I recommend:
1. Don't panic. Take a deep breath. Chug some water. Walk around the block.
2. Create a segment of your email list showing only subscribers with a Gmail address.
3. Run some reports to see what the historic open, click, and (most importantly) conversion rate is of your Gmail subscribers.
4. Run that same report but change the start date to May 29th, when Gmail first announced these changes. Keep in mind that the May 29th date was when it was announced. Gmail has slowly been rolling it out ever since. It would seem quite a few folks are getting it this week.
5. Finally, compare your historic metrics for Gmail subscribers (No. 3) to the new report (No. 4).

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Aug 16, 2013

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