Jun 29, 2010

The Last Dream a Short Film by Brian Caraveo "short version"

The Last Dream a Short Film by Brian Caraveo "short version"

This version is specially for all youtube family to see our short film. Longer version is in developing now for Film Festivals. This version was made for a BBC Film Festival for a college grade.

We used a Canon HV30 and a Static DOF Adapter CAM35mm Adapters / CAMspro.http://www.caraveomedia.com/cam35

This movie is about Alex, a Hispanic teenager who's life flashes in one day. It begins in the morning were Alex gets stopped by some thugs, looking for problems. Alex eventually escapes his dilemma and somehow reaches his house. He then begins to daydream about him and his girlfriend, how everything is perfect when they are together, suddenly her brother walks in. Alex then wakes up from his weird dream and realizes he is late to class; he rushes out and gets to school. Later he finds his girl and begins to tell her of what had happened earlier. She tries to calm him down and asks him to go to her best friend's birthday party to forget about what happened. He ends up going, little did he know that his problem that occurred in the morning would happen again in the night, and this time taking away his loved one's life. This movie is detailed as a dream that emerges, wants to get fulfilled and then vanishes in a quick second. The inspiration from this film comes from The Movie "Crash" by Paul Haggis and "Amarte Duele" by Fernando SariƱana.

Crew Members

Writer//Director: Brian Caraveo

Cinematographer: Victor Caraveo

Editor: Brian Caraveo/Victor Caraveo

Producers: Victor Caraveo/Brian Caraveo

Audio Engineer: Jeremy Quinones


Bryan Espinoza: Alex

Carlos : Carlos

Anna Rodriguez: Erica

Travis Omar Ocasio: Santi

Ana Aramboles: Stacy

Marco Ortega: Carlos Friend #1

Randy Carty: Carlos Friend #2


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